School Overview

Sahodaya Convent from its very inception, taking the vision of providing education in the rural parts of our city. We feel proud that the school we have created is unique, beautiful and well equipped. Overseeing the building of the physical environment of the school has not been the end of our task. Indeed we realize that a truly successful school is one where staff, students and parents come together to form a complete and harmonious community. Our experience tell us that this is something which can only be achieved, it is renewed each and every day.

Now, our task is to supervise the financial, administrative and daily running of the school. As the school grows and develops, our role evolves. Once we helped to establish the school by acquiring land and building that is not enough, still we are trying to build something more precious: a community with shared aims, beliefs and ambitions where students may face challenges of forthcoming life.

The new millennium has brought a revolution in the information technology. Innumerable opportunities are open before the present day, children to choose as per aspire, learn and grow. Learning is not at all a burden. It is really a joyful experience and we are sure that the modern teaching-learning atmosphere we introduced in are school will certainly make each and every students a good citizen of India.

We prepare our students with technological supremacy and help them integrate it with values, morals and over culture legacy. The school curriculum has been pain staking planned on scientific guidelines to providing students with intellectual stimulation, emotional independence and leadership qualities. We learnt are students that “HARD AND SMART WORK NEVER GOES UNREWARDED” to realize success in studies we created a platform, where students are participating enthusiastically in all co-curricular activities and programmes.

Our teachers are well qualified, experience, updated, attended, orientation programmes and training which are mandatory, they are always ready to provide proper assistance and guidance to each and every students so that their inherent talent and aspiration about their future can be fostered in the right path.